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Handling badminton rackets, shuttlecocks and other important items can be challenging. With maspro Badminton bags, you can pack all your worries away.


Designed to carry all the important equipment and accessories in one bag

Badminton bags are often given less importance than rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes and other essential stuffs. Badminton bags are the only items which can keep your belongings safe.

While purchasing a badminton kit bag, it is vital to understand the usage that the bags. Are you planning to carry many equipment like shoes, shuttles, sportswear or just rackets ? MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) India offers several kinds of badminton backpacks and kit bags. These are designed keeping in mind the needs of different sportsperson.

When choosing the right badminton bags for you, there are many factors which you should not oversee. First, you should think about the items are carrying with you to the badminton court and then find options that can accommodate it all. Next, think about how you will be carrying the bag whether it will be a bus or bike? If so, a badminton bag that's on the small side is a good idea. If you are travelling for longer distance backpack bag will serve well. maspro offers the best badminton bags and backpacks are made to be carried conveniently with a good grip and they never slip out of control. Buy the best badminton bags online from MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) India.

Many players also prioritize style, since they need to carry bags around in public. Here again, maspro has a variety of bags with different styles. Shop your badminton kit bag at maspro to stop worrying about troubles.

Brand Ambassadors

Muhammad Rehan (BWF Ranked Badminton Player)

Anees Kowsar (BWF Ranked Badminton Player)

T Maran (All India Badminton Coach)

How to take care of Badminton Bags ?

Always keep the bag clean. Take some time every weekend and remove any old tissues, half-eaten biscuits, dirt which could have made their way into the bags. Never keep wet towels, sweaty socks and workout clothes in the bags. If there isn't any option, keep those things in the plastic bags and store them inside the bags. In order to avoid germs and other infections, wash your bag regularly. Buy the best badminton kits and bags Chennai online in MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) India.


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