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MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) offers the distributors a never to miss unique opportunity to join the most comprehensive distribution system available in sport good industry. This system was developed specifically for those who are looking for selling maspro's sports goods like badminton rackets, tennis rackets, cricket bats.

With a strong brand image, popular style, durable products, and the ability to deliver goods in days, not weeks, are the cornerstones that make MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) the perfect choice for any sports products at any price point. Based in Chennai, our flexibility gives our Distributors the capability to offer their customers the ideal products quickly, efficiently, keeping your needs on time and on budget. Despite the presence of distributors throughout India, MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) welcomes and encourages new distributors to sell sports goods.

General Terms and Conditions

  • MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) appoints distributor based on the credit and goodwill.
  • MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) allows the distributor to choose its area.
  • But MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) holds right to appoint another distributor in these districts in future if the business demands a separate distribution network in these areas.
  • MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) expects a trustworthy relationship with distributor and as a general rule, we don't offer credit supply to distributors.
  • All orders should be placed along with a cheque if you are opting for a deposit
  • Distributors are allowed to opt for cash and carry and maspro allows a cash discount of 3 per cent on the invoice value.
  • Photocopies of GST registration also need to be attached with theSale request
  • Goods will be billed on GST

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