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Designed to make your feet comfortable and blister-free throughout your game

'Make your feet healthy and happy no matter what you're up to'

Outdoor games are always rough, so a pair of socks is the best defense for your feet. Because, socks offer the cushioning needed for the feet and behave as a layer that doesn't rub directly against the shoe. As they help the feet to remain dry, it helps to avoid the prolonged moisture which can lead to foot fungus and other infections. .

maspro Brand socks feature innovative technology to help keep the person comfortable and without any kind of stress through their activity. Whether you are running or playing, maspro got the socks you need to finish your goal. Each of maspro socks is engineered with specific features to keep your feet happy. maspro socks range anywhere from light to extra heavy with varying thickness at many levels when it comes to fabric weight. The length of the socks varies according to the activities. Besides, socks should fit your feet. So make sure to follow the size charts. You should also keep in mind the thickness. You must ensure that shoes or feet feel too loose or too tight. Furthermore, we also have socks which are tighter and more supportive in the arch of the sock to increase the support. This sock variety highly suits people who are extremely high arch and flat feet.

Above is a huge collection of stylish sportswear for men, women and kids.

Brand Ambassadors

Muhammad Rehan (BWF Ranked Badminton Player)

Anees kowsar (BWF Ranked Badminton Player)

T Maran (All India Badminton Coach)

How to choose a good pair of socks ?

If you are looking for the right size, you must look for size information displayed in the tag. If you are planning to buy a sock, it's best to wear and see how they fit in the toe and the heel. Correct length of the sock is very important. Because, if a sock is too long, it could accumulate over the toes. If the sock is too short, the sock will fall into the shoe and you could feel tighter. For heavily padded socks, it is advisable to wear them on with your shoes to ensure they are comfortably fitted, without making shoes too tight.


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