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maspro offers a variety of wrist support to choose which can help you recover quickly and prevent re-injury to the wrist.


'Move freely and independently with maspro wrist support devices'

Offering a wide collection of a wrist support which can help you recover quickly and prevent re-injury to the wrist.

Wrist pain causes more frustration as it curbs the player’s ability to move his hands freely. They could demand physical therapy to help improve range of action, strength and reduce the pain after the injury. So during those injuries, wrist support is the right device for it.

Designed and crafted for athletes, MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) has a variety of arm support in different prices in Chennai. These are available in different levels of support for games like badminton, cricket, tennis, football, volleyball and more. Our braces are created at good prices keeping in mind the sportsperson to support the joint and surrounding muscles without disturbing the performance or motion. Whether the sportsperson is injured or are looking to prevent injury, braces can offer the comfort, compression and warmth needed to keep the muscles warm to prevent strains, for high-intensity sports like badminton or football. Braces alleviate the pain while keeping the player in the game. Buy the best wrist support from MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) at affordable prices.

Above is a huge collection of wrist support and pain relief systems, MASPRO SPORTS (INDIA) is sure that you will find the perfect wrist support for you.

Brand Ambassadors

Muhammad Rehan (BWF Ranked Badminton Player)

Anees kowsar (BWF Ranked Badminton Player)

T Maran (All India Badminton Coach)

What are the features of good health support braces ?

  • Creative cross strap design help to immobilize the joint for protection
  • Low profile adaption to fit in any kind of shoe
  • Ergonomic structure improves the fitness
  • Anti- Removal technology helps to avoid slipping
  • Reflective colour for enhanced visibility during low light conditions
  • Stabilizing Strap offers a complete to protect and support the muscles
  • Ballistic and elastic closures provide superior durability and strength
  • Elastic cuff closure enhances support and keeps laces and stabilizing straps secure
  • Bilateral design offers fitness in left or right foot


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